Helping your Small Business succeed.

Your business needs fast reliable internet so you can provide your customers with the best possible service. CCAonline wants to help you succeed by being your local high-speed unlimited internet service provider.

Business Standard
Up to 8Mbps download and upload
8Mbps symmetrical link
Increased upload for business applications
Priority service response
$15/Mo external IP address
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Business Pro
Up to 10Mbps download and upload
10Mbps symmetrical link
Enable access for remote employees
Priority service response
$15/Mo external IP address
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Business Enterprise
Does your business need more the 10Mbps?
We can work with your business to get you the speeds you need.
Custom upload and download speeds
Dedicated links available
Priority service response
$15/Mo external IP address
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Priority Service

CCAonline is committed to bringing you the best possible customer service experience, that is why all of our business class plans come with priority service. If you have an issue with your internet service we will take care of your issue within 24 business hours, typically with same day service.

Symmetrical Links

Sometimes as a business you need to host your online services at your site, whether that be an email server, file server, or a remote camera system. With the Business plans that CCAonline has available, we have these needs in mind and that is why all of our business class accounts have the same upload and download speeds. We refer to this as a symmetrical connection, so if you pay for 8Mbps of download speed you will also get 8Mbps of upload speed at no additional charge.*

Custom Plans

Does your business need more than 10Mb of internet service? Maybe your business has grown and you now have more employees and computers using more of your internet resources. With our custom Business plan CCAonline can bring you more. For more information about our custom business internet plans, please call our office and speak to one of our sales associates.

Business Services

CCAonline understands the challenges of managing and running your small business and sometimes computer systems are the last thing on your mind. Maybe your business only has one or two computers, maybe you have a dozen, or maybe you are thinking about adding a server into your company. Through our parent company CCA, we can offer your business Information Technology support without the need to hire a Full-time IT professional. CCA's expert technicians can help your small business with:

  • Internal network consultation
  • Wireless network installation
  • Site-to-Site VPN setup
  • Private LAN setup
  • Computer services
  • Server setup
  • and much more...

Call our offices today to see what services CCA can offer your company.

(217) 735-2677

*Business plans are limited to the listed symmetrical options. If a customer would like to change the ratio of the link this would fall into the custom plan and is subject to increased pricings.