Coverage Area

CCAonline, Inc. has several access points in Logan County and southern Tazewell county. The map below provides an overview of our coverage area. Each pin in the map represents one of our access point sites, typically we can extend coverage to a distance of 7 miles from an access point. View the map to see where our access points are located within Logan and Tazewell counties.

Our Access Points cover:

Armington, IL
rural Atlanta, IL
Beason, IL
Broadwell, IL
Chestnut, IL
Cornland, IL
Elkhart, IL
Emden, IL
Hartsburg, IL
Hopedale, IL
Lincoln, IL
McLean, IL
Minier, IL
Mt. Pulaski, IL
New Holland, IL
Venado Lakes


Due to several factors, simply pinpointing your location on a map is not a guarantee that you will be able to receive quality service from us. For this reason, we will do a free, no-obligation site survey to make sure we can provide you with the quality service that you are looking for. Once you visit our site survey page, answer a handful of questions, and submit the form, we will complete the survey and let you know the results.

To view our available residential plans, visit our Internet Plans page.